You think rectangular doormats are boring?

Then you will enjoy our doormat twopoints! This extraordinary mat is an all round affair. Its polyamide fibres absorb moisture and dirt very effectively. The waterproof PVC-back holds back the moisture inside the mat and away from the floor. It also makes the mat lie plane and slip-resistant. Altogether just the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms with sensitive floors!

Dog and cat owners too are likely to enjoy this doormat as an aesthetic and easy to clean place to lie down for their pets. Because the best is: if needed, the mat can be washed at 30° C in any household machine.

We show courage for form… and color! How about you?

145 × 85 cm, 0,9 cm thick 04 4312
twopoints.darkgrey 04 4322
twopoints.warmgrey 04 4332
twopoints.brown 04 4342
twopoints.sand 04 4352 04 4362 04 4372

Doormat: Dense, UV-resistant polyamide fibre with durable and slip-proof PVC-back
Use-surface: 100% Polyamide
Washable at 30° C

Design: Peter Keilbach 04 4312 86,00 EUR
twopoints.darkgrey 04 4322 86,00 EUR
twopoints.warmgrey 04 4332 86,00 EUR
twopoints.brown 04 4342 86,00 EUR
twopoints.sand 04 4352 86,00 EUR 04 4362 86,00 EUR 04 4372 86,00 EUR

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